Aaron Allar

Electrical Systems Engineering Technologist

My interest in Engineering was born as a result of my creative ability coupled with my fascination for the mechanism behind everything. Unlike most people who admire the end product, I will always enquire as to how it was made. The field of Engineering directly correlates with this fascination and as a result of my experience, my interest has evolved into electrical and electronic engineering. I find it to be a fast-paced discipline with constant improvements being made. I like the way in which it allows me to make the world a more developed place and allows me to utilise my practical skills in doing so.

With related yet diverse work experience while simultaneously studying for my degree in Electronics systems Engineering technology, I have already achieved a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise. Working to Assist the Electromechanical Engineering Technology Department in teaching a lab course, I was able to grade students work and discovered what it takes to be an academic success. As an IT assistant, I provided technical support which solidified my practical experience. I regularly oversaw maintenance including cleaning, updating, and taking preemptive measures with the installation of technology such as lecterns, projects, extron systems to ensure users have a easy and enjoyable experience. I found this insightful and I gained the ability to problem solve quickly and efficiently.

I have been part of many projects which demonstrate my ability to develop and execute. I have worked as a  Project lead, system designer, embedded designer, and coder of a all-in-one system for Environmental Data Acquisition. In addition, I have designed and assembled a PCB board for a USB charging circuit running on two AA batteries​ by the use of EAGLE software. Another notable project was for GRID Alternative Spring Break (Residential Solar PV) where I worked as part of a team to install two residential photovoltaic solar electric systems. This involved assembling and attached roof rail mounting system for solar panels. I achieved hands on experience while also having to oversee a project from beginning to end. I was able to demonstrate my reliability as well as natural born ability for this specialty and it served to motivate me further to become successful in Electrical Engineering.

In regards to my character, I am loyal, down to earth and self-motivated as well as having passion for this industry. Studying robotics recently has really confirmed that I am on the right track as I genuinely can see how groundbreaking this is and I know that I can have a significant impact in the world of electronic engineering.

I am extremely fascinated by all aspects of this discipline and with the fundamentals already achieved, I wish to gain a more in depth expertise. Even in my spare time, I am constantly working with electronics and developing gadgets. I am enthralled by the use of logical and scientific knowledge to solve real life and practical problems. The need to consider political, environmental and economic issues is also something which I find intriguing. There is a need to fulfill requirements, making it less straightforward and more of a challenge. As an individual who enjoys a challenge and has the required creativity, skills and experience to overcome them, I find this field suited to my character and wish to excel in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This is why I am aiming to hone and develop my skills to reach the highest possible level and I know that I will give back to your institution and program by inventing new products and achieving new designs to make things more efficient.